How to open the code

hey guys, how i can open and edit the code if i download and using : “Download Development Image”
i only can open the localhost, but cant find where’s the code

I did not download the code using your way, i just share what i did as you want to edit the code:

  • cd ~/frappe-bench
  • bench new-site your_site
  • bench --site your_site install-app erpnext
  • ls -la ~/frappe-bench/apps/frappe/
  • ls -la ~/frappe-bench/apps/erpnext/
    here are the code of frappe and erpnext.
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u have the tutorial to install frappe bench in ubuntu ?
i already install Ubuntu Virtual

You can use filezilla

You can setup SMB on your Dev VM and then access the folders from a text editor / IDE. You can also use FileZilla to SFTP into the system. Use the creds :

Login : frappe
Password : frappe
Port : 3022