How to override Sales Order List Settings, sales order items table column for everyone?

I’ve added a column in the sales order items table as the screen show below

And also if I added a column in the Sales Order List and now I want to override the same setting for every other user, how can I do that?

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Max Chock.

Hi there,

The field should appear for everyone. Are you only seeing it for some users? Custom fields aren’t usually user-specific.

Hi, as an example , the Additional Notes wasn’t show on the table until I change the setting. And when I login using other user, it doesn’t show the Additional Notes.

How did you add the additional column for the first user?

Hi. I added the column using the below.

However, I now found out I can actually use the Customize to configure the default list/table/ settings.

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How were you able to configure it default for all users?
I am looking set the columns order based on alphabetical naming? Is there a way for it to set for all users?


Why not use the List view option for set default for all user?
Please go to the customization form and set the List View/Grid View.

But if you change or the user change, then the option from List Setting then does not have any effect.

But when the user and logout of the system and again check the default configuration will automatically, perhaps.

we didn’t check.
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Hi @NCP ,

Firstly, Thanks for responding.

I am using the List view option to set default for all the users.
There are 3 problems that I am facing:

  1. When I view the table, I want the columns to be ordered/sorted in a specific format. But I do not find the option anywhere. It just displays the columns according to their position number in the “Customize Form” setting.

  2. I do not want many of the fields that have “In List view” checked by default . So I have to manually check each of them, and uncheck “In List View” for each of the fields.

  3. I also would have to open the fields manually and check their column size, and there is no way to track which fields are taking how much column space, unless I open each field manually and make a note of it.

I feel 2 and 3 are just repetitive works requiring back and forth. There could be a better designed solution to rectify this.

But I found no solution for 1.

What are your thoughts?

Hmm :thinking: @nasir,

However, it seems that we are facing some challenges with this feature like

→ Sorting Columns: In the List view, the columns are displayed based on their position number in the “Customize Form” setting. Currently, there is no built-in option to change the order/sort of columns directly in the List view. To achieve a specific order, you would need to adjust the position numbers in the “Customize Form” settings accordingly.

→ Manage In List View Fields: If you want to modify the “In List View” setting for multiple fields, manually checking/unchecking each field can be time-consuming. One potential solution is to use the Customize Form feature, where you can bulk edit fields and their properties.

->Tracking Column Sizes: Unfortunately, there is currently no direct way to track the column sizes without opening each field individually. However, you can use the Customize Form view to get an overview of the column sizes. In the Customize Form view, the fields are displayed in a grid format, and you can see the relative sizes of the columns. This can help you make a note of the column sizes without manually opening each field.

I hope this helps.
Thank You!

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I have opened a feature request for this.

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