How to Partially Paid of Salary Slip?

In Salary Slip, how to partially pay of the salary slip?
Let’s say John Doe the Founder has $5000 salary a month.
Due to company financial condition, company will pay $3000 first in January.
The rest $2000 will be booked under Payable Payroll account.

The thing is, I know that i can modify the “Earning” section in salary slip but if I change this Earning section, later in February if company want to pay the rest $2000 to John Doe, it will give me an error “Salary Slip of employee HR-EMP-00003 already created for this period”.
How to do this?

I need to use salary module to make sure “Net Pay Info” is correct.

I think I have a way how to likely meet my need.

Here we go:
in Payroll Settings - Check “Process Payroll Accounting Entry based on Employee”

Later when it’s time for us to make a bank entry, we can modify the salary amounts paid to each employee so that, in terms of accounting, the payable payroll is still recorded