How to pay Bank Charges?

Hello, Can anyone guide me how to I adjust bank charges from our bank balance?
Let me explain a case here. Suppose, We received BDT 10000 from a customer to our Bank and after clearing the Cheque, our bank deducts BDT 100 as their service charge. Now how can I make this payment entry as bank charge?

Journal entry for bank service charges

Bank service charges- Debit
XYZ Bank A/c - Credit

Hope this may help.

Hi @Parvez,

Accounting-wise or technical/ERPNext-wise?

It depends on the regulation or accounting practice in your company there are 2 options you can do:

Make post on bank deposit for full amount, and then make another post for the charge from bank:

Selling (cheque received) (Cr) = BDT 10000
Bank Acct (Db) = BDT 10000

Bank Acct (Cr) = BDT 100
Bank Charges (Db) = BDT 100

or make direct deposit and deduct the charge.

Selling (cheque received) (Cr) = BDT 10000
Bank Acct (Db) = BDT 9900
Bank Charges (Db) = BDT 100

Both ways will end up with bank account of BDT 9900, and other accounts as intended.

Use Journal Entry to do the above.