How to pay for Landed cost Voucher?

Hello everybody,
I try to play around with the feature for 3 days in-row, But I can’t get it to work. Please help!
Let me explain:

  1. I deposit $1000 as my initial investment. (Cash balance is $1000)
  2. I Purchase 10 inventory items cost $10/each [Total $100].
  3. I make a shipping fee “Landed Cost Voucher” cost $20 against the purchase receipt above.
  4. I then make payment for the order above [$100]. (Cash balance is $900)

So I have Inventory on hand value 120$ which is 12$ each, But my money still 900$ left. As the reality, the cash is only $880 left.

So my question is how to pay for that Landed Cost Voucher as I explained above? did I miss some step?

Much appreciate your answers.

Thank you,

Hi Sambath,

We have modified Landed Cost Voucher to one client to allow this. Here’s what we did:

  1. Allowed saving of Landed Cost Voucher without costs yet.
  2. Added Landed Cost Voucher link in Payable Invoice Items to tag landed cost items paid in Accounts.
  3. Added a button in Landed Cost Vocher to extract all costs paid and tagged to the LCV.
  4. Once costs are completed, that’s the only time LCV can be posted.
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Hi @jeffbangquil, I have been looking for something similar to this. Is your modification public? Can we use it?

I will try to push this to Develop repo. I will update you.

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Dear: Jeff
have you public this modification yet? can’t wait for this

Hi: Sambath
have you able to solve the problem? I’m facing the same, please help if you’ve go an answer

Hey, I’m working on making LCV a payable document along with other changes, but there are many obstacles in achieving this. If you have development experience, you can find it on my branch (which has a lot more than just making LCV a payable document which might make it difficult to copy without programming experience) at GitHub - SaiFi0102/erpnext at LC-Account-Based-Purchase

I shall make a pull request from this branch maybe in a month


Hello everyone and @Jacksoneasyway
Didn’t have time checking forum for quite long time. For the solution against above problem. I come up with a solution. I have talk with my accountant as well, and she said “That’s acceptable” for the current feature offered by ERPNext.

Let say,

  1. You paid 40.00$ Landed Cost Voucher for a Purchase Invoice.

Now, You get -40.00$ negative balance in account Expense Included in Valuation. The balance in this account must be ZERO, It’s cannot Positive or Negative.

  1. To pay for this, You will need to submit a Journal Entry as following:

Credit Cash account and Debit Expense Included in Valuation Account.

Perfect, Expense Included in Valuation Account balance is now ZERO.

Let me know if you have any solution other than this.



Dear: Sambath

thanks for sharing.

Jackson Wu