How to pay Purchase Invoice as an expense done by Employee?

I have a Purchase Invoice from supplier booked in ERPNext.
An employee is paying for that Invoice (and will be reimbursed for that expense later on). So at this moment I kind of replace the liability towards a supplier with a liability towards an Employee

how exactly do I book this in the ERPNext acounting?

“Make Payment” from within the Purchase Invoice does not seem to be able to make this work. Can someone advise the adequate procedure for such a situation?


Did you find the solution ?

Create a petty cash account for that employee and you can select the same when you create the payment entry. You can create an internal transfer when you are repaying to the employee.

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you can make via Journal Entry.

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If you are making a JV , you can create a staff payable account and select the employees as parties if required. It will be showing under liability also.