How to pick outgoing email

Hello, how do I pick the outgoing email from which I want to send a document?

If I send a supplier a purchase order I want to send the purchase order from the purchases email. If I a send a customer a sales order I want to send it from a sales email. When I send the document, I’d like to be able to pick a specific outgoing email address from which to send it.

Also, what security features does ERPNext not have that gmail obligates me to adjust my security settings in order to link the address to ERPNext.


The first picture is to find out your default sending account.
The second one is to show how to make an account “a default sending account”

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@sofia as of now, I don’t think you can select outgoing at the time of email (except for the accounts that are linked to Issue, Opportunity etc)

@rmehta, okay, thanks. I’m having trouble understanding how the email works.

If I have 1 email account that is used for all incoming and outgoing emails and I use it to send a sales order to someone…what happens when they respond to that email? The record will remain in ERPNext and in that email account…which every employee will be able to send emails from. Therefore using regular email will become irrelevant?

Is this correct?

The reply will be tagged in the conversation of the Sales Order. Unfortunately there is no “unseen” status as of now.

If we use 1 email for all incoming and outgoing emails then our contacts will never have a record of the specific people they’ve communicated with, is that correct? Is there a way to pull the user’s email address?