How to prevent MariaDB for getting error if closed unexpectedly?

Hi, for background story, I am helping a family to install an ERP system for his small business. I choose ERPNext virtual machine for his solution since it is simply easy not to mention its wide array of features. There are 2 problems that I need to encounter before I deploy it and introduce it to him:

  1. In his living area electrical cut is a common situation, hence the system sometimes was terminated unexpectedly.
  2. His employees and him are not tech savvy. Currently their daily operations are paper based. For server-side, best I can teach them is how to turn on and off the virtual apps (I hope so). For client-side, it is better since the interface can be presented in our language and it has good UI.

When tested the system, I just found out that MariaDB will encounter error every time the system terminated unexpectedly. Any solution for this?

Thank you in advance.

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