How to Prevent Outgoing Email Notifications from Appearing in the Communication List

Hi everyone,

I have set up outgoing email notifications in ERPNext, and they are functioning as expected. However, I would like to prevent these outgoing email notifications from being listed in the Communication List. Is there a way to configure this in ERPNext?

Hmm :thinking:

Please apply the listview client script.

frappe.listview_settings['Communication'] = {
    refresh: function(listview) {'.list-row').each(function() {
            var $row = $(this);
            var sentOrReceived = $row.find('[data-filter="sent_or_received,=,Sent"]').text().trim();
            if (sentOrReceived === 'Sent') {

Then reload Ctrl+Shift+R and check it.



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Thank you all for your help! I wanted to clarify my specific need: I have a particular notification that I don’t want to be logged in the activity and communication list. Any advice on how to configure this specific notification to avoid it being recorded there would be greatly appreciated.

that for, you have to customize the whole flow of communication.

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Thanks for the information! However, Is it possible to send an email using a server-side script in ERPNext? How can I do it? I would prefer to avoid customizing the core doctypes if possible.

Hi @mbench:

Use this.

frappe.sendmail(recipients="", sender="", subject="Hello", message="I'm here. Where are you?")

Mail will be sent, but no through communication method.
Note that mail queue record will be generated anyway.

Hope this helps.


Hello, thank you so much! I think this method works as i dont want it to be logged in communication list.