How to prevent server from ddos attacks

I want to prevent my server from ddos attacks because many time my server goes down and all users are not able to login. It goes down again and again. and this process running continuously.

ERPNext uses “fail2ban” for this. You’ll find things on the forum about this.

hi rmeyer,

can you please expalin how to configure fail2ban.

It’s auto configured when you use the Easy Install script for a production instance.

ERPNext uses NGINX and here’s a link from NGINX about how to prevent DDOS attacks.

Hope this helps.



Doesn’t fail2ban only take care of ssh types of attacks? Or does it also do http and https attacks?



fail2ban is a generic protocol-agnostic tool, it just reads logs and adjusts the firewall. It understands most popular services out of the box, and has lots of tools to roll your own for custom log formats.

We have been using the free tier of Cloudflare with no issues.

Sir, How can we identify the DDOS Attacker’s IP in server?