How to Print a Statistical Salary Component on a Salary Slip

I am trying to produce a salary slip that shows but gross pay = basic + various allowances and total remuneration = gross pay + employer paid insurances and pension contributions.

My plan was to label the existing gross_pay as “total remuneration” and then add a statistical component “my gross pay” with an explicit calculation. This seems to be quite possible in the salary structure but I need advice on how to have the statistical component print in the salary slip.

I have added an appropriate field to the salary slip but I am stuck on how to reference the statistical component.

Advice please…

Hello @mafrica. Have you made any progress on this?

If you create an earning component Gross Pay (GS). You can create a statistical row GS to add Basic Pay (B or BS), Transport (T) etc. You can reference the result in other row formulas as GS. This will show on the payslip.

If you do not want it added to calculations there’s a checkbox at the bottom (do not include in total). If this is just for calculations then you can hide it altogether using using the Is statistical Component checkbox.

I am using version 9.2 and see clearly the statistical check box but not a separate box for printing but excluding from calculations??

I’m Using:

ERPNext: v9.2.23 (master)

Frappe Framework: v9.2.24 (master)

Thanks. It did not show on my 9.2 but I have upgraded to 10 and it is there. I guess it would be nice to have a way to format the earnings and deduction tables in the salary slip in order to be able to stress that this is not an additional earning. But very happy for this nice step forward.

Great. You can always create a new Print Format in the Print page to do so, but I think it might also be easier to just say so in the Salary Component name.