How to Print grand_total In Word In POS Print Formate

Hi can any one help me to Print grand_total In Word In POS Print Formate. PLS

Can you tell us what you’ve already tried? Did you check the documentation for print formats?

Thank you for the quick response, I already read the document and try this

{{row.get_formatted(“grand_total”, doc) }}

but it’s not work for me.
and also <script>doc.in_words_grand_total</script>

and {{ frappe.utils.money_in_words(doc.base_grand_total ) }} this too non of them work in custom pos print formate.

I haven’t used the POS much, but assuming you’re using it to generate sales invoices the correct variable is just in_words. Something like {{ doc.in_words }} should work, or at least it does on my invoices. Have you tried that?

<p>{{ doc.in_words_grand_total }}</p>

{{ doc.in_words }}

try both non print anything.:sob::sob:

What kind of document are you trying to print? Like I said, I don’t have much knowledge about the POS system, but I believe it allows you to create both sales orders and sales invoices. Which are you creating and trying to print? If you go to the sales order/invoice directly, can you see a field that gives you the in words text you want?

just duplicate point of sales print format and want to create a new print format with in word option

When you look at your duplicated print format, what is listed in the “DocType” field?

Ah, you’re using a JS print format, not Jinja. I haven’t used those much, so somebody else will have to chime in to help.

Most immediately, though, your DocType is “Sales Invoice”. If you go to the form view of the document you’re trying to print (not print view), can you see the field in_words?

in default, there is an option in word

That wasn’t my question. I’m asking about the form view.

That’s not the form view. To access the form view, you need to go to the list of documents of type Sales Invoice, then click on the one you want to print.

sorry i don’t know. is it in doctype ?