How to print single data or variable (based on calculation) in report

Hi Guys

can anyone know how to print a simple calculated data in report.

I have seen there are columns and data in report, I want some simple field which should not be in table ( row and columns like data ) that means it will be single.
example invoice no in a invoice print, please don’t think im not using frappe.get_value or get_doc, actually that single variable will be calculated from four query and at the end it will be print in one place like 5+6+9= 20 so 20 will be calculated from py and then need to print that in html report.

hope you understand this…

Can i set a varibale in py and print in html, please let me know if anyone know about it, as report is very tricky.

I know all the report type im doing this in Query report where execute method return columns and data, i have return extra parameter from there but could not get that in html as data and columns can

Thanks in advance.

You can append your totals as a new row in data