How to print the name of the user's who submitted the form on my print out paper?

How can I print the user name’s or employee ID who’s submitted the form through out the workflow,
I have to do print out that user’s full_name?
how to fetch that value?

is there anyone here who can help me?

Thanks and Regards

Hi @Shubham_Prabhat1,

Please try it.

{{ doc.modified_by }}

Thank You!

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But I have to fetch the employee ID of that user also

Thank you

{% set modified_by_user_id = doc.modified_by %}
{% set employee = frappe.get_list(“Employee”, filters={“user_id”: modified_by_user_id}, fields=[“name”], limit=1) %}
{{ employee[0].name if employee else “” }}

its done

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Nice @Shubham_Prabhat1.

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