How to print the page number in a custom print format

how to print page no in custom print format

please reply

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Thanks for reply…but its not working…

Even I checked. It’s not working. Just showing ‘Page of’.

You will have to write custom print formats to achieve this

It’ll work for this kind of print format (Custom Format: checked, Print Format Type: “Jinja”):

The code goes into the HTML field below

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I am using in custom print format…still not working…can i share my code

Hi @hiqa_Akram, Try using this code…

{% for page_num in [1, 2, 3] %}
<div style="min-height: 257mm;">
    Your page contents....
<div class="section-break" style="page-break-after: always; ">Page Number: {{ page_num }}</div>
{% endfor %}