How to print the sale invoice footer at the end of each page


I’ve created a sale invoce form for my company but I can’t get the footer to print at the bottom of the page, the footer get printed at the end of the last section.

It must a simple way to do it but I can’t find it.

Thanks for you help

I just noticed that too. I found one solution is to click on PDF and print from there. It move the footer at the bottom of the page.


I did that using terms and condition and it work when I print in PDF using my printer driver. Somehow printing in PDF directly from the application doesn’t give me a good result


If you’re using modern css then pdf will not support.

Only option is to use print button and then save as pdf from browser setting.

You can put first in print button too

Sorry what do you mean by printing directly from application?
It is clear that to print, you need to click on the printer icon and from there you can place your printing settings.



On windows 10 I’ve the option to print directly to PDF, with a microsoft driver and that give a good result but in the application when I click on the internal PDF driver the result doesn’t match what’s on the screen