How to print Time


I inserted a custom field named ‘hora_actual’. This code works at print preview.
{{ frappe.utils.get_datetime(doc.hora_actual).strftime('%H:%M') }}

But when I try to print…

Or clic on PDF…

¿Is there any other way to print time in format ‘H:M’?

Can you share the full template? How are you calling it?

In the Print Format Builder, the code is like that inside a HTML field.

{{ frappe.utils.get_datetime(doc.hora_actual).strftime('%H:%M') }}

And it’s caused only because of the strftime('%H:%M') part. I’ve made many tests.

@rmehta is it wrong?

@Francisco_Buendia I was wondering how you are calling the template. it seems the template is being printed raw, not processed.

I made the template using the Print format builder.

I mean is not a Custom format.

And it’s called right from print button.

(Sorry, it’s in Payment Entry, I just take an image from Quotation to explain the point, but it’s exactly the way I call any format to print)

This code is exactly like that, inside a HTML field. When I delete this part strftime('%H:%M') the format can be printed normally.

Of course, the time it’s shown like ‘10:17:43’, not like ‘10:17’ as is needed.

Could you solve this issue?

Try this

{%- set time = doc.get_formatted('posting_time') -%}{{ time[:5] }}

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Thanks! :slight_smile: