How to process Change Orders?

We sell custom made doors and furniture. Frequently, a customer building a new home will hire us on a Quotation for X number of doors, so we will issue the Sales Order with let’s say 30 doors, and collect payment for 70% of the balance as advance deposit. The manufacturing process takes 8-12 weeks.

But as the project advances it is common that the quantity of doors will change; sometimes to more doors, and other times to less doors. Also the specs of the doors can change (think height and width) which changes the price; again, sometimes in favor of the client, and sometimes against.

What is the recommended method for inputting this situation into ERPNext? I can think of a couple of alternatives:

  1. Cancel and Amend the Sales Order: I’m not sure this would be very clean since at this point a Payment Entry has already been entered and linked to the Sales Order; but a Sales Invoice has not yet been generated since the SI only gets generated much later when items are getting ready to be delivered.

  2. Wait until it’s time to generate the Invoice, and then after generating it, immediately issue a credit note against it: This seems odd because we need to Invoice the client for the final corrected amount that takes into account all credits and debist due to Change Orders.

  3. Generate a Sales Invoice, and then simply edit it with negative quantity to the “return” items, and then add the new correct items: do we have to select the ‘Is Return (Credit Note)’ check box at the beginning of the form? What does checking this box do?

Thank you for any thoughts.


  1. set width and height editable after submit?
    2.change item quantity, price, add or remove item in popup dialog via update items button in sales order?

Where is this button? I don’t see it.

Thank you. I will try this.

We tried this and it worked fine. Thank you for the help.