How to properly setup Projects, Tasks and Timesheets?

We are a Software Services company, and we use ERPNext for our day to day operations. We create, Projects and Tasks( with bug id’s generated in bug tracker) in ERPNext. And our team members usually at the end of every day, log their timesheets against each task. We recently upgraded to ERPNext to v11. After this, we encountered problems with the timesheets that were entered before the upgrade.

After the upgrade, I deleted all the UserPermissions record. Then, we provided access to the users for the projects they have been working on. But, now the team couldn’t be able to select “Task” while entering the timesheet.

Also, we have a role named Timesheet Maintainer, in which he goes through the list of timesheets entered by the team -verifies it and then submit every Timesheet for the day. After the upgrade, he is only able to see his timesheet entries. The following screenshot is the Role Permission for the Timesheet Maintainer Role.

What are we doing wrong here? We want the users to enter the timesheet for the day, selecting the activity they had done for a particular task in the project. And then all the timesheet entries are verified before submission. How can we achieve this?

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It could be because of the permissions set on Employee document. You can check User Permissions for any permissions set for the User in question which restricts the user to view the records.

Thanks for replying. Do you mean we have to apply user permissions, something like this:

Add all the users for that particular person? I am not able to see the Timesheet doctype listed.