How to properly use Income Accounts?

I’m new to ERPNext, so go easy :sunglasses:

Our organization handles a lot of event ticket sales, and I’m just trying to figure out what best way to record them.

Jane buys $100 worth of tickets via PayPal.
In Journal Entry:

  • I credit $100 from 1200 - Debitors (Accounts Receivable), Party Type: customers, Party: event tickets
  • I debit $97.50 to 1140 - PayPal (Bank Account)
  • I debit $2.50 to 5410 - PayPal fees (Expense)

Now how do I get these to also show up in 4510 - Revenue - Program Sales & Fees (Income Account)?

(And assuming I effed up, is there a clean way to edit all those journal entries, instead of cancelling/amending then all, which leaves the canceled entry in the history.)

Hi @Dovid_Levine,

Why would you create Journal Entries in the first place, instead of using Sales Invoice and Payment Entry?

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I’m also not sure why you’re trying to do this via journal entries rather than invoices/payments, but if you want to do it that way you certainly can. Journal Entries are 100% manual. If you want something recorded to an income account, you have to say so.

In this case, you’d need two more lines in a journal entry: $100 CR to an income account and $100 DR to a receivables account. If you don’t want to cancel and amend, you could create a second journal entry representing the other half of each transaction.

@rmeyer @peterg the customer details aren’t important, the amounts relatively small, and there’s tonnes of them. With no real-world invoice it’s seems a waste to create a digital one, just to then have create a sales receipt that does the same thing a journal entry does in one step.

Although I just discovered that projects defined in Journal entries aren’t actually recognized in the GL or anywhere else, so now I have to decide if that’s worth double work…

No extra steps are necessary. You can do everything, invoicing and payment, from the Sales Invoice document in one step. If you’d prefer to do it from Journal Entry that’s fine, though you’ll need to do all the account headings manually.

I’m not sure what you’re describing with projects. I’ve registered Journal Entries to projects before without trouble, but it’s definitely been a while. It should work, though it’s definitely possible there are bugs.