How to pull and show posting_time on pos print format

Please; How can we show the posting_time on the pos invoice print format? It’s also ok if we can have it as full date time format


just add {{ doc.posting_time }} in POS print format.

Thanks, Makarand

Thanks for the response! I also looked at the doctype and wa able to get that sorted. Thanks for helping.

Kent@Live Mail


Following your guide; I wanted to also pull the Paid amount field; but it doesn’t display; how do I pull paid amount to display so the invoice can how what the cashier entered for reference. Thanks in advance.

Kent@Live Mail

Hi @noetico,

For JS type POS print format, for posting_time use {{ posting_time }} and for paid amount use {{ paid_amount }}.


Ok; we are using pos invoice print format, I think that’s server type; older pos; please advise. Thank you so much.

Kent@Live Mail

How do you also pull {{ item.manufacturer_part_no }} as that doesn’t seem to work

Ref: Some Variables Doesn't Get Called Up in POS Print Format · Issue #13462 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub