How to pull report of how many xxxx product can I make from inventory

Hi Everyone,

I apologize of this is a repetitive question but I’m scratching my head trying to find a solution. Each week, I would like to generate a report of the quantity of a particular finished good I can build at any given time. This is of course dependent upon the amount of inventory in ERP.

I am having a heck of a time trying to make a report like this even though it seems like the simplest type of report that any inventory management system would provide.

Can anyone help?

  • Joey
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Nice suggestion. For now, no standard report is available for it. Will be great if you could create a Github Issue for it. Similar report is available for Product Bundle feature.

Currently, you can use Production Planning feature as a work-around. It works other way round, like input how much you want to manufacture, and then check if raw-material is available to manufacture the same.

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