How to pull updates of a custom app in frappe docker


I just build a new docker image like described in the documentation, but my custom app in the container is still the same version and was not updated. How do I pull new changes on the main branch to the custom docker image. Or how can I pull these changes in the docker container. bench update is not working.

rebuild image every time you make changes, use layers and cache to speed up the process.

so I just pull the new image and redeploy the containers?


Read this post Best way to deploy new versions of custom app in self hosted docker setup - #13 by revant_one

Strange, because if I make changes to my app and doctypes in my app and rebuild the container, The new container has an identical hash and now my versions 1.0.1, 1.0.2 and 1.0.3 are the same on

Is the app even pulled when the image gets created, if there is only a reference to the repo and the branch nothing will change if I change code/files in my custom app.

Should I still rebuild the custom image even tho it is identical to the last version?

Your apps.json doesn’t change I guess. i.e, you are using branch instead of immutable tags in apps.json. In that case it builds using cached layer, disable cache and rebuild every time.

Or use immutable tags in apps.json and use cache.

Yea it does not change because the branch stays the same: “main”.
I only tag the image during build using \ like the documentation suggest
With tags you suggest a release in github and add the tag to the APPS_JSON?
I did not enable cache while building, so it is on by default, then I would just use --no-cache

Try --no-cache