How to push partially produced quantity to next production step?


Here is the hierarchy of BOMs that I am using to manufacture one product/item Bearing Outer Ring:

Bearing Outer Ring (Product/Item)

→ BOR Heat Treatment

→ BOR Milling & Grinding

→ BOR Forging

→ BOR Cutting

→ Round Bar

Here Round Bar is the base raw material. Each BOM has one or more Operations associated with them.

We can observe that first Round Bar is heated and then cut into pieces. Then these pieces are forged into rings. Then rings go through milling and grinding as necessary and finally they are given Heat Treatment.

First two stages that is Cutting and Forging have to be done instantly.

After that the rings are left over to cool off.

Rest of the operations are performed later on.

It so happens that when we have a large order say for example to manufacture 150,000 pieces.

What happens is that at the stage of Milling & Grinding the process is quite slow compared to stages before it.

We can process around 10,000 rings at this stage. And the Heat Treatment machine that we have can handle only 5,000 rings at a time.

Now my problem starts from here…

ERPNext does not allow me to move items that are already processed at Milling & Grinding stage to Heat Treatment stage. I have to wait for the whole process to complete and then only can I move the items to next stage of Heat Treatment.

What I want to achieve is that as soon as 5,000 items are completed at Milling & Grinding stage I want to move these 5,000 items to Heat Treatment stage. We have got 5 Heat Treatment machines.

How can I do this in ERPNext?


Yogi Yang