How to put a Serial Number

Hi everyone Im a little bit confuse about the serial number… how can input serial numbers of an item?
can you help me with this i’ve watch some tutorials but the versions on the video is different i cant understand… and i like also to know how to create a serial number on erpnext…I hope someone help me about this problem…

Are you generating the serial number for the item or is it provided to you via vendor/manufacturer?

If you want to generate it, first you will need to set a series for the same.

I have set serial number as SR.####

Created a purchase receipt for 100 stocks and submitted directly. All serial numbers were created at the time of stock entry.

If you get the serial numbers from vendor/manufacturer, you can enter them manually at the time of receiving. This can be done via barcode as well.

Can you be more elaborate with your use case and the problem you are facing?

how can i adjust the output of the serial numbers i want to show five columns of serial numbers but continues because i want to save space in my paper in printing. it seems i cant figure out how to adjust the code for printing… can you help me with this?

Can you post a sketch/screenshot what you’d like to achieve?

This should be doable using Custom print format. The serial nos are fetched in the child item table.

hi sir kenneth,
im trying to fetch serial number it says theres no doctype in the purchase order
this is my code trying to get the serial no. on my print format.

im also trying to get the total qty…
Thank you very much sir for the tips…

I want my serial number range to display in the invoice since displaying all the serial numbers eats up all the space in the print.

For example - instead of displaying each and every serial number, I want the range selected which would be like this - WD/0001 - WD/0008

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Hi ! @cpsolution @kennethsequeira @shakeel_viam1 @SHUBHAM_JAISWAL

I want to generate Serial Numbers for my own products, how can I do this? Do I necessarily need to create a Purchase Receipt?

The serial numbers has to come into your stock either through a purchase receipt, purchase invoice or stock entry, it’s a must. While selling, the serial numbers sold won’t necessarily be in sequence. So your question with regards to from-to serial wouldn’t work. If you need anything contact me


To generate your own serial, you need to specify the sequence in the item master

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Thank you for your answer :slight_smile: