How to put leave request for holiday list attached

I have scenario where Saturday was off for everyone in the company and therefore a holiday list was attached to every employee where saturday was considered as holiday. But, due to some urgency, last saturday was working day for few employees, and out of them 1-2 employee didn’t came to office because they were already left for the home (outstation) therefore, the needed to apply for the leave for last saturday, whereas as per the holiday list, last saturday was the holiday for everyone.

Does, anybody knows, what is the workaround for this problem?
So, that the employee, can apply the leave for last saturday.

Ruchin Sharma

Seems very unique case. You can try disabling the holiday list for those employees for some time, once leave is approved you can add it back.

Hi Kanchan,
Thanks for your reply, but it is not the right waty to solve this issue.
Is there any other way to resolve this issue?

Ruchin Sharma

May be remove those days from the holiday list.