How to re-enable production?

Hi guys I used

sudo bench disable-production

command and now site is not working. How to re-enable it?

sudo bench enable-production

is not working :frowning:
How to enable it again?

You should not need to run bench commands via sudo.

Your problem may have to do with file system permissions of the user account you are running ERPNext from.

Thanks for reply @clarkej, I used sudo because it was not allowing to run that command without it :stuck_out_tongue:
I am stuck now and unable to re-enable the production. any clue how to do that?

What do you get when you run bench commands without sudo?

I re-enabled it using bench start, the only problem was that it was shifted from port 80 to port 8000. That is why i was unable to use the system.

bench setup production