How to re-trigger a failed (and now fixed) auto repeat?

Auto repeat failed due to a faulty setting (Bank was not set as receivable).

That is now fixed. How does one initiate the execution again?


In “System Console” in sql mode look for your monthly auto repeats:

SELECT * FROM `tabAuto Repeat` where frequency like 'Monthly' AND disabled = '0' AND status = 'Active'

Add more constraints until tender. Then change next execution date to today’s date (“commit” checked):

UPDATE `tabAuto Repeat` SET next_schedule_date = '2023-06-02' where frequency like 'Monthly' AND next_schedule_date = '2023-07-01' AND disabled = '0' AND status = 'Active'

In “Scheduled Job Type” choose and execute:


followed by:


Sales Invoices should now be there. Check next schedule date in “Auto Repeat Report”