How to receive Noti about new messages on Raven?

Hi there. I’m trying set up Raven but facing some troubles with noti settings.

Now I install PWA app in my phone. Then I enable Push noti for channels but I still can not receive any notifications.

Could you please show me how to setup noti in phone please?
Thank you in advance

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Hi @elise

If you are on Frappe Cloud, this should work automatically. You just need to enable push notifications on your device by going to the three dot menu in the bottom.

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hi @nikkothari22 Thank you for replying me.

I am not using Frappe Cloud. I fork code and use our own server.

The push notification is run via a relay server with a separate Frappe app. It’s under code/security review at Frappe and hence is not open sourced yet. They plan to release it to the public soon though!

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Thank you for your information. I look forward to the release