How to record commission with multiple parties

I need to pay commission on sales invoice but there could be more than 1 party involved. At the moment I can only enter 1 sales partner. Is there any other way around it?
Example party 1 get 20%
Party 2 gets 30%
rest goes to the company.

You can add multiple sales partners in the grid and have a custom field in the same child table to capture commission or write server script to populate the field based on your business rules.

Sales partner only allow single entry.
How to make this multiple entry?

Use add row in the Sales Team grid

ok, that’s sales person.
The issue I found with sales person is the % always has to be 100%. We don’t give 100% commission Also the commission rate is set when creating sales person. If you need to change based on different orders it’s greyed out.
Anything I’m missing?