How to record reimbursement to be billed back to clients

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We are a service company providing consulting service to our clients. Beside our professional fee, we claim back actual payments we paid for implementing projects. This is call reimbursement which is a CURRENT ASSETS account in
BALANCE SHEET. Here are the example of transactions and how we want to record it.

  1. We make pay $500 directly to hotel for accommodation of our team to work on the project:
    DR. Reimbursement $500
    CR. Cash $500

  2. We get a $800 billing from a transportation company that we use for the project.
    DR. Reimbursement $800
    CR. Account Payable $800

  3. Our staff claim $200 for meal expenses for the project.
    DR. Reimbursement $200
    CR. Cash $200.

So when we bill back to client we will the the following:
DR. Account Receivable $1,500
CR. Reimbursement $1,500

My question are:
a. How do we record these transactions in ERPNext?
b. As we have my projects for many clients, we want to keep track of Reimbursement Balance by client so that we know how much to bill to each client. How do we keep track this Reimbursement in ERPNext?

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Found a solution? I have the same question.

This may shed light here How to archive Reimbursement in ERPnext?

edit: Apparently how and where reimbursable amounts can be recorded, as an asset or expense, accounts receivable etc, depends on accounting practice and laws in your locale.

Hence best to seek a qualified accountant who is legally responsible for their ‘solution’ - ERPNext is no more that the means to this end.