How to recover Administrator password


For some strange reason, after I upgraded ERPNext from version 11 to version 12, I lost access to Administrator account.

I have loaded all tables using phpMyAdmin interface but I could not identity where user passwords are stored. I have thought about replacing the password by the password stored for other user with known password but I could not locate the corresponding table.

I have seen tabUser table and found the associated administrator’s e-mail, but when I tried to recover password, system shows an error telling that the user is not recognized.

How can I do it?


Bench set-admin-password
You need to have access to the server though.

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If you can login to database, you can pass word directly to user what you want by:

@Hor_Kimhab As I told, I could not locate where user password is stored. I have located tabUser table but that table does not store passwords. If that would be the case, I could do what you suggest.

For now, @mujeerhashmi solution worked.


I think it’s very useful for you Bench Commands Cheatsheet
e.g: * bench --site [sitename] set-admin-password [password] Will reset the administrator password