How to redirect a user to custom page after they logged in?

Is there a way to do this or with same effect?

I think you should set the home page path in the role and assign that role to the user. It might work, but I’m not sure. Please try this.


Auth Hooks in Frappe allows you to execute custom logic during user authentication, providing flexibility in handling role-based redirects and other authentication-related tasks.

Enabling auth_hooks

  1. In your app’s file, add the auth_hooks line to specify the method to be executed during authentication.
# apps/your_app/your_app/
auth_hooks = ["your_app.file_name.method_name"]
  1. Create a Python file (if it doesn’t already exist) and define the method specified in auth_hooks. Below is an example of how to implement custom logic based on user roles.
# apps/your_app/your_app/
def method_name():
    rolename = frappe.get_roles(frappe.session.user)    
    # Custom logic based on your requirements
    if rolename[0] == "specific_role":
        member = frappe.db.get_list('Doctype')
        frappe.local.response["home_page"] = "/page_name/" + member[0].name


user = frappe.session.user
roles = frappe.get_roles(user)
if "*****" in roles:
      frappe.local.response["home_page"] = "/my_new_page"

The frappe.get_roles(frappe.session.user) function retrieves the roles of the currently logged-in user.

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This work for me

tried that before, and it doesn’t work

will try this solution this week and will let you know!