How to reduce Loading time for erpnext.accounts.utils.get_children

Hi all,
Based on a previous Topic i raised… Api treeview.get_all_nodes 500 Internal Server Error

Loading CoA and opening sub-Accounts in order to create a Child Account…

Does anyone knows or can we have a way of having CoA loaded (user choice if possible) with or without Ledger numbers so CoA tree (Accounting numbers only) is faster in case user just needs to create another Account or sub-Account ?

My current Customer Records:
Number of Accounts - 584
Number of Invoices - 463734
Journal Entries - 460182

It might something to do with fetching account balance for each account.
If account balance not important, you can disable it by changing the code (v12)

Reason for putting was to see if anyone else has the same issue or might have either on V12 or V13/V14 and see if solutions are found on the Core instead of doing a local, single solution for my case.

I do think that companies that are using ERPNext only for Accounting purposes do lots of data entry as my Customer is and of course if is not a local Server issues with time to load the CoA in order to create sub-accounts is a headache for users.