How to refer and display Product Bundle components in Quotation custom print format

We have a requirement of displaying product bundle components in the custom Quotation Print out. Currently seems Bundled Items are not included in the Quotation form like Sales Order or Delivery Note.

I have created a custom field against the Item line in Quotation and refer to the Product Bundle parent item as link. With this I can get the product bundle parent item and description in the print format with the below code…

{{frappe.db.get_value("Product Bundle",row.product_bundle,"new_item_code")}}
{{frappe.db.get_value("Product Bundle",row.product_bundle,"description")}}

But not sure how to get the Product Bundle component details in the Quotation print format.

Appreciate any help in this regard.


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Please someone can help on this topic.


Instead of fetching the Values from the Product Bundle list, you can use description field of the Product Bundle Item to define all the Items which are getting bundled.