How to remove @ 9.0 from Output Tax SGST @ 9.0 in Sales Order and Invoice?

I have setup GST and all things seem to be working properly.

I have create a Sales Invoice which has 4 items. Here each Item has different GST rate.

But I observed that when we print a Sales Invoice using the GST Tax Invoice Print Format it prints Output Tax SGST @ 9.0.


How to remove @ 9.0 from Print Format?


@yogeshvachhani it is coming from description field from taxes table. You can modify description there.

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Thanks for the tip. But I cannot find it. Can you give me the exact location in ERP14.



Open your Sales Taxes and Charges Template and open table row in detail view, you will find description field there. from there you can change description of tax

I have already set that. Here is a set of screenshots.

But still in Sale Invoice when I open Print Preview for Sales Invoice it show the @ 9.0.

Do I have to create a new Sales Invoice for the effect to take place?


@yogeshvachhani Yes, it will take effect in new invoice and for old one in draft you can set it from invoice level.