How to remove a customer's contact


If a contact does not longer belong to a customer, is it possible to delete it or dissociate from the customer?

I tried to do so, but since contact is assigned a quote, system did not allow me to delete it.

Maybe the system could have the option to hide that contact from the customer.

My ERPNext version is:

ERPNext: v11.1.56 (version-11)

Frappe Framework: v11.1.52 (version-11)


contact is a seperate document in erpnext and also you can link contact to different doctype

To remove contact link from a customer . follow below steps

1.customer->address&contact->edit(contact)>remove the customer link from child table

You must delete the contact which is linked with Customer, hiding that contact wont work.

I have done it, but one of the contact is linked to a quotation. How can I delete him in that case?

Firstly cancel quotation and amend
Please re-select the customer before submitting the amended document

This works, but has limited application.

In my case, the contact is linked to Sales Orders, delivery notes and invoices, and it is not feasible to amend those. So the contact stays forever on the system, it seems.

yes ,cancel and amend is the right option .if you need to remove or change for submitted documents(without amending document), you can do it by updating values from database with the help of a developer.

i will suggest first option

Actually, I have done this before using a workaround by merging two contacts. I realised now when I looked at the comments for the new contact.


Cancelling submitted transaction will not always be an option as a Sales Invoice for example should not be canceled or changed for such reason.

I suggest you remove the link to the Customer or Supplier inside the Contacts Link-Table. To be seen in the gif on the following page