How to remove a linked bin

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There was nothing in the bin to start with. The solution, as it turned out, was that renaming the item allowed me to remove the item from the items list, which in turn allowed for removal of the bin. I find this rather odd, but it worked. Sorry if that was not clear in my OP. thanks.

@cary this is weird. Bin is an internal record, was there a reason to remove it.

What was weirder is that it took renaming the item for anything to be changed! Do you agree?

Once the problem (whatever it was) with the ITEM itself was straightened out by my renaming the item, I probably no longer really needed to remove the bin. I had been thinking up until that point that the problem was with the BIN, not the ITEM, because when I tried to remove the item, the system was telling me it was linked to the BIN (and vice versa, an incestuous situation that was impossible to resolve…or so it seemed). I removed the bin, without stopping to check if the nominal issue was cleared, which I would have found to be the case if I had just checked first.

I promise not to munge with the bins after this because I don’t want to introduce more ills.