How to remove a role

HI i wanted to remove some roles, but on the online system i can’t, when i tryed on my local system i could using the “administrator” user, any other way on the online system?

Currently, in the online system, no one has permission to delete Roles except Administrator.

so in this case who is the administrator?

If you host with erpnext cloud then you do not have access to Administrator, only we can access that user id. Otherwise, you can always login using Administrator login.

sorry how can i “Otherwise, you can always login using Administrator login.” if i dont have administrator user?

If you hosted on your own server, you can login using Administrator login. If you don’t know the password, you can reset it using command bench --site <your_site_name> set-admin-password <your_password>

ok understood, but now i have hosted on cloud and i need administrator permition to remove a role, how can we get it done?

Sorry, you can’t. Why you just ignore that role?

Otherwise, if you add a custom field “Disabled” in Role document, and disable the role, it will not appear in search.

ok thank you.