How to remove a user from a conversation

One of our employees enters leads into the system. When I send email to that lead, the employee gets a copy… but I don’t want him to. How can I remove him from the conversation?

Better yet, is there a way to prevent him from getting added in the first place?

You can remove his email id from “CC” while emailing.

If you want to block emails for all documents for that user, you can uncheck “Send Notifications for Transactions I Follow” in the User record.

Thanks @nabinhait

On a related note, the same user is receiving emails each morning that include my calendar events which are marked Private. Is that the expected behavior? I thought Private means only I can see the event.

you should raise an issue on github for this. Also, you should change your username, it’s impossible to tag you with the underscores.

@cpurbaugh Good points. I can’t see any way to change my username, so do I have to create a new user account?

I can change your username, what would you like it to be?

Thanks! How about PeterDF?


Thank you!