How to Remove access of User to portion "stock level" in Item dashboard?

Hi There,

Anyone here who can help me remove access of “stock level” portion for certain users in viewing item dashboard.
How can i do that?

Can you please elaborate your requirement with screenshot or something?

You can manage user roles from;

Setup > User > Select User > Check Roles section

To customize Role Permission for the specific doctype, like Item, check:

Setup > Permissions > Role Permissions

Please elabroate your query, so that we can support you better.

Hi @umair,

Use case for this is that some users dont have access on the qty of stock we have in various warehouses.
They only need to have access for making quotations.

There are times that we are making actual count of inventories in specific warehouse, and we dont want them to see quantity available in system.

below is the screenshot of the portion we want to limit access on some users:

i tried setting up role permission for item but it is not successful.
Is there a better way to do it?


Hello @ai_me

You need to set a permission for the user/role level and insure that this user does not have a higher permission level than that one (mostly c-level).

I.e you cannot set this permission on a user role if the user have also management role (e.g.: both warehouse user and warehouse manager).

Can u make an example?

@ramielian is any Update?
The Particular User want to restrict the stock level Details.
for e.g if Mfg. Company has produces 1 product and he wants to procured 1 raw material in that case HR has restricted to this stock related permission.

That’s not something you can do out of a box, you will need a script to be written for that.