How to remove add discount from POS?

can it be disabled or hidden or removed from POS?
some POS user used it for unauthorized discount


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Have you found a fix for this?
The checkbox in pos profile for discount doesn’t work.

until now there is no fix for this.
i use server script to create todo after save POS invoice with additional discount so that the supervisor user get notified.
is there any other suggestion?

there is a simple fix, rather than use server script please use client script:

DocType: POS Invoice
Apply To: Form
Enabled: True


frappe.ui.form.on('POS Invoice', {
	validate: function(frm) {
		// your code here
		if (frm.doc.discount_amount > 0) {
		    msgprint('Please remove additional discount');
		    validated = false;

Refresh your POS Invoice browser every time you change the client script code to load it