How to remove amazon RDS instance

We are using Amazon RDS instance as remote database for our ErpNext Instance. Now we are decided not to use amazon RDS Instance and back to normal db instance.

Is removing the instance form amazon console is enough or we have to change any config file in frappe bench.

Kindly help with the steps procedure.


  1. Backup Database
  2. Restart local mariadb server on EC2 sudo service mysql restart
  3. Restore database from RDS on local mariadb
  4. change mariadb host from RDS to bench set-mariadb-host localhost
  5. restart bench/server

ubuntu@ip-172-31-43-254:~/frappe-bench$ bench --site set-mariadb-host localhost
Usage: bench frappe [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]…

Error: No such command “set-mariadb-host”.

bench set-mariadb-host command changes the config,

site_config.json or common_site_config.json can be changed for same effect.