How to Remove Custom Field on ERPNext Doctype From Custom App?

Last month, I installed custom app rigpl_erpnext (GitHub - adityaduggal/rigpl-erpnext: Customization done to ERPNext). Just to learn some customizations done by that app.

Yesterday, i uninstall rigpl_erpnext app with bench --site uninstall-app rigpl_erpnext. Then the uninstall process ran successfully.

This morning, when I tried to make new Item, the custom field from that custom app still exist.

I’ve tried to find the custom field in Customize Form, but the field doesn’t exist there.

How to remove that custom field and other custom fields from rigpl_erpnext app?

The following is the list of custom fields by this app:

bench@osboxes:~/erpnext/apps/rigpl_erpnext/rigpl_erpnext/rigpl_erpnext/custom$ ls
attendance.json     expense_claim.json           journal_entry_account.json  salary_component.json             sales_partner.json   warehouse.json
communication.json  item_attribute.json          price_list.json             salary_detail.json                shift_type.json
contact.json        item_attribute_value.json    purchase_order_item.json    salary_slip.json                  stock_settings.json
customer.json       item.json                    purchase_order.json         salary_structure_assignment.json  todo.json
employee.json       item_variant_attribute.json  quotation.json              salary_structure.json             uom.json

Many thanks before :slight_smile:

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You also have to delete custom fields form the Custom Fields table, you got the list view for custom fields and delete them from the front-end


Also adding to what @rmehta said, check thoroughly if the app requires you to either export fixtures or export Customizations as JSONs and take appropriate action to preserve your changes.

This should be done each time you make a change. And stay careful if multiple branches of this app were made and migrated on this PC because you may run a risk of adding fields belonging to another branch to yours. Hence check thoroughly that you are exporting only those fields that are required for a certain branch.

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