How to remove delivery from sales work flow

Hi all,
I am developing a site for a educational institute.

Since it is selling courses, it is not relevant delivery of items.
I need to remove the status and everything related to delivery.

am I supposed to do change the work flow or just hide everything related to delivery? Can anyone tell me a hint to do it?

@Amalendu I don’t think this is feasible. But can avoid creating delivery notes after you create a sales invoice.

Hi @Amalendu! As to the question of not using Delivery Note for this setup, make sure item is “Non Stock” (treated like a service) wherein you can skip DN and go directly to invoice. ERPNext has an existing Academic module which can cater this one (enrollment). Please refer to this manual

@creamdory @shachiTakalkar
Thank you for the reply …

I have created each item for each courses and item group as programmes.
ALso it is non stock.

Still shows delivery matters…

Hello @Amalendu , did you find any solution to this problem?

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