How to remove help menu url and add new url

hii guys

 how do i remove given url and i add new my url in help menu drop-down

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mohd. eliyas

@eliyaskhan18 are you talking about about section ?

i am taking about url like

Okay Yes you can edit just edit this file

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Copy the about.js file to the same location structure in your custom app and edit it.

btw, some interesting custom apps you have there :wink:

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i have changed something and check its not working

after changing the file you have to run this two command

bench build && bench restart
after running this command the changes will be reflected.


thanks it works

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one thing more can we override this code without change source ? can i add file into my custom app and from there is possible to override this file?

Try this:

Yes as @rahy suggest you can use that manner

do you have any example?

But in custom app there are no same folder so do i need to add in hooks?

yeah i have created same but its not working for that do i need to write in custom app hooks ?