How to remove "In stock" from Item Group on Website

How to remove the “in stock” label from the product group. The item group is not a product. In this particular item group the items no longer have stock.

In Shopping Cart Settings , there is a check box for Show Stock Availability , I don’t know if that will help with this or not.

I have already looked at that and it is not ticked. I think that would show quantity if it was ticked.
Thankyou for replying.

If you edit the item from Item List, scroll down to WEBSITE , and check the Show in Website box, to the right appears Website Warehouse, with Show "In Stock" or "Not in Stock" based on stock available in this warehouse. I don’t have a website to test with , hope this helps.

Thankyou for your help. These are not items. They are item groups we are using for navigation to a leaf which then contains products. All the item groups are acting in the same way.
I think this goes deeper than just a setting I have missed…