How to remove learn module in erpnext

i have hide learn module but another user showing this module.


@Super_user007, it’s not possible for now!

Thanx for replay
any other solution for this


You can Hide Module for User
goto User list select user .
In that Uncheck Learn Module from Module Access.

thanx for reply

i have done this but another user is see learn module

@Super_user007 go to ‘Show Hide Modules’ under setup and uncheck.

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I tried that at my site.
Its working for other Module’s but not applied to Learn Module

any other solutions

Use the Show and Hide Module for restricting users from viewing the Learn Module.
and also removed everything from the in erpnext>config>

I have emptied the

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But, Restricting users from viewing modules doesn’t really work at all; I restricted a user from viewing “Learn” module but, the user can still see the module menu on the left menu bar;

And, by deleting the code from “” gives the user “Module not found” error, which is a partial solution;


Actually you can’t.

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Actually, you can, if you read my post here:

When you edit the module.js file to exclude the “Learn” module, it gets totally disabled for ALL users.

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