How to remove parent group from Item Group Tree without affecting others

Hello community,

While adding items to stock, performing “grouping” to make it organized and easier to traverse products.

At the initial stage, I considered “Products” as Parent Group. Now, I felt that all are only Products, no services etc. there. So, want to remove parent item group i.e. “Products” which contains thousands of items which is unwanted and becoming a sandwich between “All Items Group” and “Household Needs”.

So, without affecting Items of Child nodes, likewise Household Needs and again, their subgroups like cleaner etc, how can we remove “Products” from Item Group Tree safely.

PS: I can’t do it first removing Individual Items or Item Groups from Items and then the Empty group will able to delete because there are hundred of the item, which is grouped with same.

Silly Question :sweat_smile:.

An Answer for above query is:
I actually didn’t notice “Item Groups and Group List” earlier. So, by making some changes in “Item Group/List” with Child Group, you may achieve a solution as per above question.

Select > Child Item Group (which has to be upgraded) and look at “Parent Item Group” in “General Settings”.

So, now Simply make change whatever group you want to select.