How to remove "Products" title in webpage


I am currently trying to place some of my products in a group (based by supplier). I have done this by creating the relevant folders in the item group tree, and then clicking the box that would show them in the website.

My items are there, in the relevant link and in the relevant supplier group page, but for some reason the “Products” title always shows up and I cannot find a way of removing it. Also, near the top it links back to “My Account” instead of something like “Home” or “my company name”.

The baffling thing is, when I saw the ERPNext tutorial on adding an item to the website (, the person in the video managed to change his title from “Products” to “Wind Turbines”.

Please note that this isn’t a custom webpage that I’ve created - pictures will follow very soon.

Thank you in advance, I am looking forward to your responses.

EDIT: Picture here, covered up to be confidential - blue indicates the supplier and the title I have put, but the “Products” title is there and the “My Account” link as mentioned above:

Hello, this is a bump.

Due to planned circumstances, I myself no longer have a use of this being answered (honestly, it’s too late) - but do expedite an answer if it’s possible, for others who have the same problem.

You need an alternative home page and then set that to a default.

edit: searching for forum post that describes this…
Here’s an example from my website.

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Hi @tmatteson:

Thanks for answering quickly. I understand that there are many questions you guys have to answer and inevitably things get skipped, although I asked this four days ago while I was at an internship I am (just) now no longer at; but I understand.

To the question:
I have created a web page (with HTML, CSS and all) and set it as the default home page using the routes and all.

However, what I’d like is for categorised pages that show i.e. a supplier’s products. I’ll describe this with a rudimentary example:

Choosing the supplier from a link on my alternate home page, it should have the title of the supplier (or whatever I put as the name) instead of “Products”, showing the supplier’s products as necessary (I’m able to do the latter). Also, the link-back should not go to “My account” but instead should go “Home/…/LED Panel(or whatever)”. The picture should show everything.

Thanks as well for searching for other forum posts for this problem. I essentially had to make tons of webpages for each supplier.